Happy Halloween

I’m back! It’s been quite a long time since I have put up a post but, don’t worry, I’ve been cooking up a storm!

Today is Halloween and here, in the U.S., we celebrate by dressing up in funny or scary costumes and wander the neighborhood, searching for candy. Yes, it’s very bizarre but it’s as real as it gets.

Over the years, I have been happy to oblige by doling out candy to strangers each year. It’s fun, in a strange way but, I have noticed a trend over recent years that I feel I should address. Little kids dressed like Marvel superheroes or ghouls are perfectly fine…it’s sort of like a combination of roleplaying and community theatre, all wrapped up in a single event. But, every year there’s always a teenager or young adult that doesn’t even bother to dress up before ringing my door bell.

I have a special treat for those hooligans, this year.

If you want to come begging for candy and don’t arrive at my door in costume, I will give you a fresh Carolina Reaper.

I think that’s a fitting gesture.

Happy Halloween everybody…Now, get off my lawn!

7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. LOL! To funny Bob, wish I had of thought of that this year. Agree with you one thousand percent. Love giving out the candies to the little kids in costumes but hate giving them to the teenagers not in costumes. Luckily at our new house because it’s out of the city all we had this year was little kids. In years past I always squashed the chocolate bar before I put it in the teenagers bags. Hope you continue your new treat next year.


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