About me

Hello, and thank you for stopping by Toothpick Tales. I’m Bob, a home cook living in Mississippi.  I don’t know if anyone outside of my circle of friends and family will see this blog, so here is my attempt to answer some questions for those of you who don’t know me personally.  Free free to contact me at toothpicktales@gmail.com

Why name my blog Toothpick Tales?  The toothpick is the unsung hero of the kitchen.  It is versatile and sturdy.  It can be used to keep tortillas from falling apart, spear olives, secure sandwiches and, in moments of indecisiveness, it can relieve stress simply by chewing on it…much healthier than smoking!

I always keep toothpicks close at hand, mostly for the therapeutic use mentioned above but, it is the kitchen equivalent of duct tape.  In short, toothpicks equal security.

Why am I doing this?  I love to cook and I love to write.  Cooking and writing are ways that I connect with people.  To me, they are not so different.  I want to share recipes that have merit and I want to use this blog to share stories that are, in some way, related to cooking and entertaining.