Prolonged Paella…and a trip

No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. I’ve been busy jumping over life’s hurdles. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s been the name of the game for many, many months and it doesn’t look like there’s any relief any time soon. But, as any good hurdler will tell you, the key to success is to stay limber and be ready for the next hurdle.

And, so it goes.

I’ve got several posts waiting in the wings, waiting for final tune-ups, but I have left them idle for so long now that I’ve nearly forgotten the spirit that lives within each of them. No worries though. I’ll find a way to breathe life into them and bring them into the light, someday.

For now, I’ll tease you with a picture of the paella that I made several months ago and then it’s off to New Orleans. Yes, the culinary Mecca of the U.S. A few decades ago, I might have made a trip to New Orleans just to stagger around Bourbon Street with a drink in my hand, but now I’m going to enjoy the sights, the history, and the awesome food.

I hope to come back rejuvenated and inspired.

But, for now, as promised, here’s a glimpse of a lovely paella!

Bye for now. Enjoy every meal!

14 thoughts on “Prolonged Paella…and a trip

  1. Take a trip to the market for lunch, we had lunch there 3 times when we were in New Orleans 3 years ago, everything was great. I found the history of the place one of the fun things, learning it was started by a couple of Canadians. Have a great time.


      • Yes you will. Hit the war museum it was very interesting especially about the landing crafts. The sculptures commemorating Katrina are great. The causeway/bridge you take getting there is something else, my wife hated it. Have fun just walking around enjoying the music.


      • We’re taking a train into New Orleans and a plane on the way out. I don’t think I will get the causeway experience but I’m sure I’d love it and I’d bet that it would make my wife claustrophobic.


      • Claustrophobic isn’t it lol its the 23 miles on a bridge over the swamp filled with alligators. 3 years ago it looked like it needed lots of repairs. My wife hates all long bridges over any water but 23 miles was way to much for her.


  2. Yo are such a tease! 🤣 Your paella looks wonderful! New Orleans is the only place we have vacationed to that we want to go back and we will. We were looking at the Amtrak trip about a month ago.


  3. that looks so good! is the step by step forthcoming? A couple (I guess three at this point) years ago when the younger son (Jake) who lives in China came back for a visit with his then fiance now wife (Elsa) they did a blitz of sightseeing and traveling to see Jake’s old friends. Elsa’s one firm request was a couple of days in New Orleans to check out as many restaurants as they could. Somehow, that’s one of the places Aileen and I still haven’t made it to. Now that travel seems possible again, I’ve got to move that up higher on the list.

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    • Let me just say that the town has over 1,400 restaurants. We didn’t even scratch the surface during our 3-day visit. It’s very frustrating to dine out in a town where every restaurant claims to have the best ‘whatever’ and know that they aren’t just bragging. How’s a person supposed to make informed decisions where to eat when so many restaurants are cranking out such great food?


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