“Sunrise, Sunset”

I started this blog in late July of this year and now we are about halfway into September.  You might be thinking that this is a prelude that will lead into a rambling account of all of the fun that I have had so far and how much I have enjoyed bonding with other fellow bloggers. 

Well, all of that is true but, I only mention the time frame because of how it relates to photographing the food that I have made.  Most of the food that I have documented on the blog has been made during late afternoons and evenings. 

Our kitchen sits on the western side of our home and we have a window, over the sink, that faces west.  My wife photographs most of what is posted and she has produced some beautiful shots.  But, I know what lies ahead.  Autumn and Winter.  The sun is setting earlier with each passing day and pretty soon, I will be making dinner long after the sun has set. 

That means I won’t have the dramatic lighting that the setting sun is providing now.  We will be faced with the challenge of making food look good under the bland overhead lighting of our kitchen.  I don’t relish the thought of setting up elaborate lighting schemes and I don’t want my kitchen to turn into a photo studio.  Fortunately, my wife and I are creative and resourceful people.  We will try to find ways to put up some interesting photos, despite the lack of natural sunlight. 

So, if you find yourself yawning at my posts during the winter, I will understand. Come back next spring and catch a glimpse of the sun again.   

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