Don’t fear the gluten!

As a follow up to my previous post about tortillas, I have this to offer…

What’s wrong with people today?  And by that, I mean why doesn’t everyone think like me?!  When did gluten become something that must be avoided?  According to medical research, about 2% of people are intolerant to gluten.  For those people, I say, avoid gluten for the sake of your health.  For the other 98%, I say, do some research before trying to eliminate gluten from your diet.  Gluten has been an integral part of global cuisine for millennia and it hasn’t killed us yet.  Many food products that contain gluten often carry nutrients that promote good health and many of those food items are a good source of fiber. 

So, as with anything we might put into our bodies, “everything in moderation”, is a good rule to follow.  Eat what you love, and know that your body needs balance. 

And, while I’m at it…what’s the deal with lard?  Why do so many people have a revulsion to lard?  Is it possible that they don’t know that lard doesn’t contain trans fats?  Do they not realize that lard is higher in monounsaturated fat (the good kind of fat) than butter?  Is lard as good for you as olive oil, with regard to saturated fats?…No.  But, don’t rule lard out.  Celebrate lard.  Your biscuits, pie crusts, tortillas and fried chicken will thank you!

And, here’s the final kicker…if you were offered one last meal before you were put in front of a firing squad, would you request a gluten-free meal?  Let that thought marinate in your mind as you consider preparing the next meal for your family or friends. 

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