Smokin’ !

It’s been two weeks since my wife and I returned from our 4-day trip to New Orleans and I still haven’t managed to submit a post about the adventure.  I think I’m still reeling from the experience and, even though the trip is still fresh in my mind, I’m finding it difficult to write about.   We had a wonderful time in New Orleans.  It’s a fantastic city with so much to offer.  I’m sure I will find time to share the details…someday!

Today was devoted to the joy of barbecue and smoking a brisket.  I try to make smoked brisket at least once a year and it’s always worth the effort.

Smoking a brisket is no easy feat, at least for me.  It takes between 12 to 16 hours to cook, which makes for a very long day.  I started this morning at 3:30 with a cup of chicory coffee, warmed up from yesterday’s cold pot.   Outdoor temperature was about 80° but the humidity was near 100°!  It was so humid that the newspaper I used for the charcoal chimney starter was limp and soggy by the time I was putting a match to it.  It took 3 attempts and about 30 minutes just to light the coals!

I bought a new offset smoker yesterday and I decided to break it in with a brisket.  I didn’t know if I was being foolish or confident.  Fortunately, the brisket came out just fine. 

By 4:00 p.m. I was pulling off the cooked brisket and life was good. 

We served the brisket with homemade Texas-style barbecue sauce, potato salad and a refreshing cucumber salad.  And for desert, homemade cheesecake, compliments of my wife.

This was the sort of Sunday meal that will keep me inspired throughout the upcoming work week!

8 thoughts on “Smokin’ !

  1. LOL! Smoking a brisket is something I will never do, don’t have the patience you do. I might and it’s a big might get up that early to go fishing. Brisket I have used to make corned beef and pastrami but that’s it. Like the whole idea of the meal and like smoked brisket when I don’t make it. Cheese cake is my favourite desert and your wife’s looked good. Tell your wife that I thought it looked great but would never eat it, I hate blueberries. The very very best cheese cake I have ever had was in your home state, in San Antonio.


  2. looks awesome! also, I feel so old every time I shop for a brisket. It used to be the cheap cut that you could buy for 49 cents/lb on sale at July 4th or labor day or something (yeah, I know, that was more than just a couple of years ago). It’s not really much cheaper than ribeyes now days (out here at least, where pork bbq still reigns supreme).


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