A Recipe for Disaster

I know this is a food blog, hence “recipe” in the title of this post, but I can’t shake off the bad feelings I have been having since the recent death of George Floyd.  Police brutality has become more common and black people are receiving most of it.  Sadly, George Floyd was the most recent victim.  We have witnessed so many similar atrocities over the last few years and there is a cloud of despair hanging over us. 

I am an American.  America has proudly boasted to be a country that accepts everyone.  Fear is the only thing that keeps us from living up to that dream.  People are often afraid of the unknown, afraid of things that are different and strange. 

I encourage everyone to embrace new things.  Embrace new cultures.  Learn how to understand each other and offer your service to anyone in need.  This is our country.  It is a country built by the hands of immigrants.  We are all foreigners…just ask the indigenous people of our land. 

When we work together, we bond.  When we bond, we unite.  United we stand, divided we fall.

I wish for peace.  I wish for love.  I wish for understanding.

And now, I will go back to my normal routine…expanding my cuisine, through exploring other cultures and embracing the new and the strange.

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