Ghost Peppers

Of all the peppers that my garden produced this season, these are by far the hottest.  They are insanely hot!  It’s hard to find a way to use them in recipes.  I wouldn’t dare throw one in a stir-fry and I wouldn’t want to take even a small bite of a fresh one.  I like to dry them and crush them into a powder.  Once they are in powder form, I can add a small pinch to sauces or flour dredges when I want a serious kick.

I wear latex gloves when I work with the peppers.  In order to prepare the peppers for the food dehydrator, I cut off the stems and slice the peppers into small rings. 

Then I lay them on the dehydrator tray and I make sure to allow space for the air to circulate evenly.  I put the dehydrator in the garage and ventilate by opening the garage door.  The air that comes out of the dehydrator is nearly lethal.  Seriously.  I take shallow breaths when I am near the chillis. 

I set the dehydrator at 100° and let it run for 12 hours.

Once the peppers are dry and crisp, I put them in a spice grinder and pulverize them. 

I don’t use this spice grinder for anything else because no matter how much I clean it, it still hangs on to some of the oils and residue of the chillis.  I made the mistake of using my coffee grinder once and suffered the consequences.  I cleaned the grinder several times but the coffee beans picked up the heat from the chillis for the next several grinds.  The subsequent coffee brews were painful.

This is a ridiculous amount of spice! It will be used sparingly over the next several years.

Now I’m ready to make some crazy hot wings!