Some grocery store deals are just too good to pass up. 

Last weekend, when I purchased a 10 pound brisket, (at $9.00 per pound), I found a bin full of large, red bell peppers on sale for 25 cents, each.  Red bell peppers usually sell for $1.00 each, or more!  Needless to say, I scooped up six of the bell peppers before leaving the store.

I imagine that the bell peppers were at reduced price because their shelf-life was expiring.  A few of the peppers had slight wrinkles but, for the most part, they looked very good.

Since I suspected that the peppers were nearing the end of their freshness, I decided to roast them and save them for later use. 

Once I pulled the brisket off of the smoker, I laid the peppers on the hot coals.  I turned the peppers over, after 15 minutes, and then again, nearly a half hour later.  I had forgotten about them while we were eating the brisket. 

Once I peeled the charred flesh from the peppers, and discarded the seeds and membranes, I still had a lot of usable smoked peppers.

I rinsed them under cold water and stored them in the refrigerator.  I have been using them in all sorts of meals.  Nachos, burritos, salads…you name it.  Roasted bell peppers are awesome, and, at 25 cents each, it was steal!

In a strange way, I felt justified for buying the $100 brisket because of the incredible savings on the peppers. 

And, as for the brisket, we have had 5 meals from it so far, with another 5 pounds left in the refrigerator.  Beef is pricey right now, but the secret lies in how it is used. 

Top a salad with a few slices of brisket.  Top a baked potato with brisket and barbecue sauce.  Make a hoagie with a little brisket and lots of sliced vegetables.  Add a slice of brisket to an egg breakfast, instead of bacon.  In other words, stretch the heck out of the purchase!

Don’t be cheap on yourself or your family.  Be smart!

Bon appétit!

6 thoughts on “25¢

  1. Like the roasted pepper thing. We get bulk peppers in the fall along with orchard run apples in the fall. They are the ugly veg version and now I feel stupid because I could of been roasting them and keeping them in olive oil. If you shave the brisket it also makes a great french dip. I had it in a restaurant in El Paso and was impressed. Happy Fathers Day Bob


      • Thanks Bob. Since you have lots of leftover brisket try it and let me know what you think of it. Little trick when make french dip. Get a really good baguette and cut the pieces in half and spread the cut side with garlic butter and toast it in a frying pan.

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      • Thought I should give you my recipe for the dip. Starts with Campbell’s can of consommé, not beef broth. Take a dried shiitake mushroom and soak it in a cup of boiling water for an hour. Put consommé in a sauce pan add a2 cloves garlic, half inch slice of onion,3/4 cup of mushroom liquid, 1 bay leaf, 1/4 teaspoon horseradish, pinch of pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat until it is just boiling. Reduce until it is about half the quantity, strain and it is ready to use. Did the sliced beef in it before adding beef to the sandwich and serve the rest for dipping. Give it a try it might become your go to for french dip.

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